Semester Update

This semester we have gotten the radios we purchased to work and run a test script using Arduinos. We are now trying to get the radios to work with Raspberry Pis, however, we have encountered numerous issues in the process.

Current Plan

Currently, the RFM95W and RFM69HCW transceivers were chosen for testing as these two options are affordable, long-range, and come with Arduino libraries from Adafruit so development for these transceivers should be more straightforward than other solutions. If there are any other transceivers that you know of or are familiar with that would be appropriate for… Continue reading Current Plan

Potential Wireless Communication Systems

Three different systems were considered and one system was ruled out. The three systems considered were the Swarm microsat network, cheap data SIM cards, and a LORA/WLAN/Zigbee/Z-Wave/etc. based custom system. The one solution that was ruled out was the Swarm microsat network as the associated costs are too expensive–at least $2,250 is required for the… Continue reading Potential Wireless Communication Systems