Info For Newcomers

Hello, I’m Charles and I am the lead for the camera project. Excited to work with you guys. Although I will go through this with you in person, I’ll still leave this here as a reminder.

I’ll divide this group into a software subgroup and hardware subgroup. Please let me know which subgroup you guys find interesting.

Below are some short-term goals we have for hardware subgroup:

  • Redesign and reprint the frame to make it more sturdy
  • Set up SSH for our raspberry pi
  • Design an encloser for both the raspberry pi and the camera
  • Set the camera module on an actual hive to test result

Below are some short-term goals we have for hardware subgroup:

  • Write the code for the pi to auto take/upload photos/videos to our server
  • Research on how to identify different frames using computer vision
  • Implement AI to locate queen bee’s location in the hive
  • Return the collected data to our backend

P.S. the software subgroup is new this semester so basically we are starting from scratch. It might me a bigger commitment compared to hardware subgroup, but that also means the project has more possibilities and potential!

As for long term goal:

We wish by using the image data we collected, we will be able to locate the queen bee in the hive (like which frame the queen is at) and inform the beekeepers this info. We need to make sure the data we collected can be processed by our AI and is sufficient enough to locate the queen.