Join WaggleNet

Joining WaggleNet is simple. You’re welcomed whenever you feel like joining. Unlike many other student organizations, almost everything we’re doing is open to the world, including you.

Avg commitment: 4-20 hrs/wk

We meet every week to get everything on the same page, and discuss crazy ideas. Then, seats grabbed, tools checked, get implementing. No red tape, no hesitation. Straight-up doing.

Take your learnings for a spin

You said the only thing you know is CS 125? No problem! We have the right tasks for every course. You'll no longer look at your coursework the same way, after applying them in real projects!

Jumpstart your career & classes

WaggleNet tackles business problems in a college student style. Industry experience aside, be amazed of the headstart you got on some of the most daunting classes like ECE 391!

  • Hop by our meetings!

    Come find us at our bench at Open Lab, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 at our meeting or catch a member working there any time!

  • And check out our code and documentation!

    Open to U of I students! Find us on GitHub, and look through our wiki: http://work.wagglenet.org/wiki

  • Wanna talk to someone?

    Ask Jimmy He (miaoh2@illinois.edu) or Prof Chris Schmitz (cdschmit@illinois.edu)

So what will I get if I actually join as a member?

Just for starters:

Funds & Resources

Being soon self-funded, we provide you with $$$ and every tool you can imagine! Plus unbelievable computing resources exclusive for members.

University Credits

Members can sign up for ECE 297, 397 or 597 to receive credits for work done at WaggleNet, and get individual funding from the department.

Official Recognition

That not only looks good on your resume. We publicly recognize members to get YOU famous, and our alumni can't wait to send you a referral!

So... What are the expectations for members?

Every “sprint” period (which is a 3-week milestone), we’ll review everyone’s membership status. During that period you must have completed:

  • – 2 Participation points (attend 2 meetings)
  • – 2 Contribution points (by completing Jira stories)

Which is really not a thing if you ever contribute.

Alright, sign me up! What should I do?

  • Access to ECE Open Lab

    You must apply for access at https://openlab.ece.illinois.edu/apply.html, and pass its safety test and complete a safety tour. That gives you basic access to our lab stuff.

  • Join our Slack group & talk with members!

    Sign up for an account here: https://wagglenet.slack.com/signup

    You'll find all our active members, mentors, partners and alumni in this group! Don't hesitate to talk to them.


    Network with WaggleNet members and try out! Discuss your interest and skills with the team leaders, and get a few tasks going. Know what you'll be doing before applying.

  • Some accounts

    You'll need:

    • A Jira / Confluence account at work.wagglenet.org
    • A GitHub account. It should be your personal one.
  • A WaggleNet account

    Register your WaggleNet account here. After that, go here and click the "Join Now" button.

    Almost done! Now submit all your account information here.

You’ll use your WaggleNet account and GitHub account to log into every WaggleNet-owned resource. If you find yourself locked out of our computers, something’s probably up with your membership and you should talk to your team leaders.

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