Colloquium 2 : Lights, Cameras, Engineering!

Engineers, you make the world’s best filmmakers. Join WaggleNet’s top electrical & computer engineers on the journey from your next killer project to your first killer ad. You’ll kickstart on filmmaking techniques, learn the gears and drills, and find out about the amazing engineering feat powering today’s film industry. You’ll also learn how WaggleNet innovates creative tech that supercharges cinematic work.

Event Date & Time

Oct/30/2019 7:00pm

Event Location

2013 Elec & Comp Engineering Building

About the Speakers

WaggleNet Cinesquad

Bella Chen, Jimmy He, Mike Mallon
Introduction of the speaker

WaggleNet Colloquium

WaggleNet Colloquium promotes technical literacy, industrial best practices and the fun side of engineering. It is an effort of CineSquad, WaggleNet’s publicity team, in creating an enjoyable event both for the University of Illinois community and the wider audience through our live stream.

WaggleNet Colloquium is held triweekly on Wednesdays.

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